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We provide a broad range of transactional legal services. Drafting and negotiating IP licenses, professional service contracts, employment and non-disclosure agreements, and IP clearance and acquisition agreements are only a few of the types of agreements Michael and Gnosis IP Law regularly help clients with in Chicago and elsewhere.

In the area of music agreements, Gnosis can prepare recording, production, publication, and performance agreements, as well as assist groups in developing agreements to help define the ownership of songs, band names, and income streams. In the areas of software, Internet websites and domain names, Michael has prepared development and acquisition agreements, negotiated domain name purchases and sales, and assisted in preparing and reviewing programmer employment agreements. more...

Michael's transactional services include advising clients on what types of agreements they need in order to obtain certain goods or services and to protect the rights at issue, drafting and negotiating these agreements, administrating and tracking contract performance, and resolving any disputes that may arise in relation to the agreements.