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Providing intellectual property and Internet use education is an important aspect of Michael's service to the greater public. Apart from writing, he frequently gives IP law presentations in Chicago and nationwide on the subjects of trademark, copyright and Internet legal issues to organizations and companies, as well as in college classes. He enjoys helping business people understand the value of their intellectual property, teaching them the fundamentals of trademark, copyright and online media law. He is passionate about informing others and sharing his knowledge of intellectual property, believing that well-informed clients are better able to establish intellectual property programs in support of their companies' business goals. Michael is also committed to educating companies and Internet users on domain name, intellectual property, and governance issues in the belief that informed participation is essential to the conscientious development of the Internet.

Michael is an Adjunct Professor with DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, where he supervises the Technology & Intellectual Property Clinic, guiding students in working with a broad range of clients to ensure and protect their IP rights. Colleagues have called Michael's enthusiasm and experience contagious, and he would be eager to work with clients, companies and organizations to provide meaningful information in entertaining presentations. Contact us.

Michael is an informative and entertaining speaker, and would enjoy the opportunity to speak before your meeting or organization. Please complete the following form and he will get back to you regarding dates and availability:

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