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Intellectual Property - Copyright, Trademarks, Design Patents

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Gnosis IP Law, P.C., provides clients with a full range of non-patent intellectual property services in Chicago and worldwide.

Businesses and organizations use trademarks to differentiate their goods and services from competitors, to build customer confidence, to seek members and to gain financial support. Copyright protects the works of companies and individuals in the creative industries - publishing, film, photography, theater and music. Copyright also protects the works of companies that hire out for website and marketing development. Design patents are used by manufacturers to protect the ornamental features of their products. Finally, companies use contracts or licenses to grant or gain the right to use others' intellectual property. Gnosis IP Law provides best of class services to protect and ensure that our clients benefit from their IP in each of these categories. more...

At Gnosis IP Law, we help clients develop IP strategies to ensure that their selection, registration and protection efforts support their business strategies. We search trademark availability; provide copyright clearance and release; register trademarks, copyrights and design patents; monitor and enforce clients' IP rights; and manage clients' worldwide trademark and IP rights portfolios. Gnosis IP Law works closely with its clients, with a vested interest and concern in protecting their IP rights.

Our intellectual property services are not limited to local or national rights, but comprise services to register and protect your intellectual property worldwide. Our clients come from both the US and abroad, and we work with Agents and Associates around the world to provide worldwide IP portfolio support.