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Gnosis IP Law, P.C., is uniquely able to provide creative workers, publishers and organizations with legal services and counseling in Chicago, nationwide and internationally. We provide personalized services to writers, photographers, artists, actors, investors and any company involved in the entertainment industry. We want to help you navigate arts & entertainment law and copyright. Before entering the law, Michael Graham spent years in publishing and arts administration. As a published poet, long-time musician and amateur photographer, Michael has a profound respect for the work of artists, musicians, photographers and writers, and he understands the challenges they face. more...

Gnosis IP Law is the culmination of Michael's extensive experience helping creative people protect their work combined with a desire to do good. Michael Graham has broad experience providing the full range of legal entertainment law services for creators, including registering copyright for their creations, protecting their rights against infringement in the physical and online worlds, drafting and negotiating publishing and band agreements, counseling how to organize rights ownership in groups, gaining copyright permissions and clearance, and defending clients' fair use of copyrighted materials. Gnosis IP Law is committed to supporting and protecting creative individuals and companies in the area of art and entertainment. Michael also supports creative endeavors by providing discount and pro bono services through Lawyers for the Creative Arts and through the DePaul University College of Law's Technology & Intellectual Property Clinic.