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In addition, Michael recognizes that while IP may be a driving force in his clients' success, it should not distract them from their primary business. Instead, he and Gnosis IP Law provide trusted advisor services - working with clients to identify their intellectual property and issues, to develop strategic IP plans that compliment their business plan, and to establish both short and long-term plans of action. In addition, Gnosis IP Law strives to help clients avoid litigation while resolving disputes and ensuring protection of IP value. more...

Gnosis IP Law also offers clients an "embedded attorney" service, offering to help them develop plans and programs to handle most IP tasks in-house, while serving as virtual in-house IP counsel - often including regular on-site office hours. For smaller and mid-size general practice, commercial, and litigation law firms, Gnosis IP Law can act as their IP practice, ensuring that client services are provided in a seamless manner. The relationship can be established either through contract or as Of Counsel.


A New Chicago Law Firm

With a Client-Centric Service Model

After more than 25 years with two of Chicago's preeminent IP boutiques, Michael left his partnership in Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP because he believes clients can be better served if their needs are given more importance than firm profits. He therefore formed Gnosis IP Law in order to create a Chicago law firm with a more personalized, client-centric service model. Clients are asked from the start what information they want and how they prefer to receive it. Billing is based on models that clients choose from: hourly charging, set fees, retainer, value-based, or a combination of these. Michael's commitment to maintaining close communication with clients, requesting periodic feedback and instruction so that he can provide the most efficient, effective and economic services, sets his representation apart from the rest.

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Intellectual Property Services

We offer clients a full range of non-patent intellectual property legal services that are personalized and effective. We also offer service as a virtual intellectual property department. More...

Internet & Domain Names

Gnosis IP Law helps clients acquire, register and protect domain names, establishing their online presence and web policies through efficient and experienced legal services. More...

Arts & Entertainment

We are uniquely able to provide art and music industry legal services to musicians, artists, writers and photographers to copyright and protect their creative works. More...

Counseling and Mediation

Intellectual property counseling and alternative dispute resolution are increasingly important means of protecting intellectual property. They are an essential element of the legal services Gnosis provides. More...

A New Service Model

Gnosis IP Law offers legal services that are client-centric, with communications and billing models tailored to specific clients' needs. More than a trusted advisor, clients can use Gnosis as their in-house IP department. More...

Blog- IP Owl: Words for the Wise

Gnosis IP Law presents all interested parties this new intellectual property blog to provide information, announcements and commentary on developments in IP law. More...


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